Miserere 2007-No1 in Belgian Blind Tasting

In a large, blind Catalan wine tasting done in Belgium in the month of July, and in which some 50 different samples of almost all of the DO’s were present (Catalunya, Costers del Segre, Empordá, Penedés, Pla de Bagés, Montsant, Priorat, Terra Alta, etc….), it came as no surprise to us, that our very own Miserere 2007 made it to the top of the list, and was considered by the very qualified tasters that were present, as the best wine of them all.
Belgium is a place where, traditionally, both food and wine are very understood and have a high place in people’s lives. This may be due to the centuries of influence from it’s neighboring France, and the decades of occupation by Spain, but it stretches across both the Flemish and Francophone parts of the country. Wim VanLeuven, and his company “La Buena Vida” have been the best and most professional promoters and ambassadors of Spanish, and mainly Catalan wines, in their country. A small part of the Miserere 2007 and Clos de l’Obac 2007 vintages have escaped past our borders, but the majority of it is still here, waiting a few more years before reaching the market, and at more considerable prices that will reflect the true value of these wines. But VanLeuven, smart and brave (he is Flemish, after all…) has always controlled a small fraction of our wines, “en primeur”, which arrive into the Belgian market ahead of time and at very tempting prices. This is the “VanLeuven Method”. The Clos de l’Obac winery has tried to buy these bottles back from La Buena Vida, but has come up against an unbreachable Flemish wall: “ No Way!!”.